British Shorthair Cat Review

“Apple is being loved very much. Please do not worry. She is a little snuggle bug! We almost never put her down! She is very affectionate and loving and she is doing so well in our home. We are absolutely IN LOVE with her!!! She is very very loved and well looked after, we promise! I want to thank you for always being so communicative and sending photo and video updates throughout the process. I can tell that you love all the kitties very much and that you do this with much care and consideration. You and your family are just lovely with the cats and your business is extremely professional. I have dealt with other breeders before and your way of doing things is by far the most caring and professional I have seen.”

Portland, ME
"Thank you Tanya and Nick, I totally experience your good customer service!!! As I find another cattery, which is also located in USA, and she won’t let me know how did she calculate the expensive price for purchasing a kitten from her cattery, and you DO IT!!!!! So I think I have chosen the right and excellent cattery!!Cassandra is arrived to our home. She is so beautiful!! And very friendly I will send you more pic later…Thanks a lot!”

Hong Kong

"She is doing so well! She has been purring, playing, cuddling, and has been eating and going potty with no problems. She isn’t shy at all. She left so well without crying last night”

Los Angeles, CA
"lol Hi! I wanted to touch base with you to let you know Helen has stolen our hearts! She is so sweet. … still a little shy but has played well…has been a little hesitant to eat today…but has used the litter box no problem! Thanks so much for all of your efforts to help ensure she was trained and well socialized!!! I’m sending a pic of my daughter meeting her at the airport yesterday. Helen is doing well and seems to be more comfortable with us each day. “
W. Springs, IL
"I just wanted to say thank you so much for raising a sweet and beautiful and healthy kitten. I did name him Frankie after Frank Sinatra. We must have been on the same page with singers names. He is adjusting very well. Yesterday he stayed on my bed or close to. By the time I got home from work today he started exploring his new space and running around playing. Sometimes he gets a little skittish but it’s only for a short period of time. He is eating and drinking well and no issues with him using his litter box other than getting used to the self cleaning one. This evening he ate a large portion of wet food and drank lots of water after running around playing. I just wanted you to know that he is living in a healthy, happy home with his new mom who couldn’t love him more. Thank you so much!!!”

Bethesda, MD
"Firstly I would love to say how nice it was to meet you. You was very welcoming and friendly, not only towards me but towards my cats Fred and Wilma too. I have to say I feel that my cats were looked after very well whilst they were staying with you (infact I think they got very spoilt). You have great clean facilities and plenty of room for every cat to run around, and it is nice that you also have great facilities where my cats can stay together. Thanks again, and look forward to seeing you again Thanks Sam, Fred and wilma."
Lynchburg VA