golden British shorthair kitten

Everything You Need to Know About Owning and Caring for a golden British short hair kitten

Congratulations! You should be so enthusiastic about bringing your newly followed cat or kitten! I consider that’s why you’re here, analyzing this blog article approximately the first day together along with your new cat (or kitten). Maybe you followed one already from a refuge, and are simply watching for him (or her!) to get constant so that you can pass select out him up and convey him home. Or perhaps you’re on the point of adopt, and need to recognize what to anticipate on day one with a brand-new cat or kitten for your home. As a cat and kitten rescue foster volunteer, and an adoptions counselor at a refuge for a decade, I’ve had a number of each first- and second-hand revel in with what it is able to be like in your new cat’s first day home. Here’s what to anticipate and the way to put together, so that you may be equipped to make the primary day the high-quality it is able to be, and get the relaxation of your existence collectively off to an excellent start!

Speaking of having off to an excellent start, here’s what you could do to put together on your new cat or kitten’s 1st day:

1. Get primary elements: a pleasing large clutter container (low sided for kittens), cat clutter, cat meals, a meals dish and a water dish (ideally chrome steel or pet-secure ceramic), toys, scratching post, nail clippers, cat brush, and a cat mattress or pillow or blanket. To examine extra approximately the high-quality meals on your cat, take a look at out our nutrients page!

 2. Setup starter room. Many cats are very scared in a brand new surroundings at first. Starting them out in small starter room, like a small bedroom, large ethereal bathroom, or different room with a door you could near, will assist them get used to a smaller area first. Put all their elements withinside the room. Set up the clutter container with clutter in it in line with the clutter label’s commands. Check to make certain home windows any every other viable get away routes (like unfastened vent grills) are securely closed. Unplug or securely tape down any electric cords, and take away any small ingestible or breakable objects — faux like you’re childproofing for a 2 yr antique human!

3. Bring the brand-new cat home! When you carry your new cat home, near every other pet (and humans!) in a separate room, and convey your new cat into the starter room even as he’s nevertheless in his cat service. Set the service down, and open the service’s door. Allow the cat to return back out (or now no longer) at his personal speed. Leave the service with inside the room with him if he desires to cover in it.

4. Take it slow. Some cats might be taking walks round looking to discover proper away on the primary day. But extra typically, cats will take 1-2 days to multiple weeks to modify to a brand-new home. This is definitely normal!  You do need to make certain they’re consuming and the usage of the clutter container daily, despite the fact that they’re hiding. With a fresh-from-spay or neuter cat comply with your vet’s commands on tracking their conduct and fitness.


British Shorthair cats have a pleasing temperament and make exceptional companions. Their pleasant behavior makes them outstanding own circle of relative’s cats.

They can get alongside nicely with youngsters and different animals. However, you’ll want to make certain that the alternative animal is used to being round cats.


British Shorthair cats dislike being picked up and might instead revel in a niche at the sofa beside you with masses of pats. But that doesn’t suggest that they’re haughty or snobbish.

Even eleven though they aren’t clingy lap cats, they’re affectionate beings. 


British Shorthair cats have very laid-again personalities. They don’t actively are trying to find interest or affection, and are flawlessly k with on my own time. British Shorthairs aren’t picky, however that doesn’t suggest you ought to feed them something and everything. This breed has the tendency to grow to be overweight if they’re allowed to consume freely and don’t exercising frequently.

An perfect weight-reduction plan for a British Shorthair ought to be

• excessive in animal protein,

• low in empty carbohydrates and

• wealthy in nutrients and minerals to guide fitness and growth.

It’s additionally endorsed which you manipulate their quantities to make certain that they’re now no longer being overfed. Portion sizes and the way frequently you ought to feed relies upon in your cat’s age, size, weight and hobby level.

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